Welcome to Kisko Labs

About our (constantly evolving) brand guide

Brand identities are usually updated at certain intervals by a design professional or an agency. We think identity as a constantly evolving process and believe in experimenting. We think design is not just for designers.

Hence brand identity should help everyone accomplish daily tasks with less time. So here you have it, our constantly evolving brand guideline. Enjoy!

Whether you've just started working with us or are a long time veteran we recommend to take 15 minutes to read this guide through.

Our Environment

Identity is shaped by environment. To know us you need to understand where we operate. Here's how we see the world today...

No one knows what to do

Those who claim they do, are lying. We understand that finding the right way is about doing quick small steps: experimenting, testing and prototyping.

The speed of change is accelerating and revolutions are bigger

Of the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 only 12% were left on 2015. The rate of change is exponential and it's becoming almost impossible to foresee changes. You can easily understand 30 linear steps, but 30 exponential steps are impossible to understand.

Digital is the new normal

Digital is no longer just a competitive advantage or a separate thing, but a necessary part of everyday life. Consumers have already chosen digital.

Digital is about choosing modern

The choice is not between digital and analog, but between modern and old-fashioned. There are very few industries where a company can benefit of being old-fashioned.

Digital is not a cost, but an opportunity

Instead of thinking digital as a cost, it should be seen as an opportunity to be strong, blazingly fast and iterative. Services should be developed in cycles of weeks, not quarters.

What we do

We have been building tools on the web with Ruby on Rails since 2007 – we are the most experienced Rails company in Finland. We help clients in different fields to find and create new business models for the digital world.

We help you find the right way

Here's what we aim to be...

Kisko is our development partner who makes working on profitable solutions fun and easy. Working with Kisko makes me happy.

Kisko is a good and a safe place to work with an open atmosphere. Kisko is a good career incubator and learning environment for me.

Kisko is advising us on buying software the right way.

Kisko is a good profitable company with a tight-knit and affluent community I enjoy being a part of and where people grow professionally.

Kisko way

The six most important traits, or values, based on words our employees use to describe us and our way of doing.


We don't wait for our clients to get things moving alone. We take responsibility that projects get delivered.

(self reliant, pro-active, confident, independence)


We are honest in marketing, sales, project communication and pricing

(sincerity, trust, reliable, trustful, security)


We are friend towards each other and customers. The customers are cool people.

(fun, humor, happy, friendliness, respect, happiness, thoughtfulness, supportive, empathy, silliness, understanding, helpful, enthusiasm, optimism, teamwork)


We are as open as possible to clients and each other. If we face issues our solution is not tighter contracts or closing down, but to increase openness.

(agility, adaptability, open mindedness, openness, flexibility)


Only thing that stays the same is change and we are ready to learn new things. We encourage each other to learn.

(growth, knowledge, learning, curiosity, innovation)


None of the above values would be possible without boldness

—they start from being brave.